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5 Tips For Your Office Chair Safety

Office chairs remain one of the most important components that can enhance the level of productivity at work. Be it a home office or outside workstation, choosing the office chairs have always been neglected and individuals tend to spend little or no time selecting an office chair while missing out the needfuls. The looks of an office chair do not guarantee that such an office chair is totally free from health risks and safety hazards.


The common form of problem office working people experience is as a result of bad work chairs such as body posture, blood circulation that often leads to back pains, stress and fatigue. All of these and other office chair related hazard can be carefully watched out for.

Check 5 Tips For Your Office Chair Safety below;


1. Consider Your Office Floor Surface

office chair rug

There are different types of office chairs, some of which comes with casters or wheels to ease. Most modern office flooring is made with carpeted floors and hard surfaces. Wheels may not be that suitable for overly smooth floor surfaces; this may cause injury. Tiled floors, however, may call for softer casters to avoid damaging the floor. If you are not sure about the choice of base your work chair should have, seek the assistance of the retailer or the manufacturer.

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2. Adjust Your Chair to Your Body


Almost all kinds of chairs come with adjustments to suit your body measurement. Ergonomic chairs basically score best in these arena but regular office chairs can also be customized as well. The seat height can be adjusted according to how tall the user is. Tilt can also be adjusted to fit the user’s preference. Similarly, most workplace chairs come with tension control which allows the chair to be able to compensate for the different body weights of its users.

3. Inspect Chair Parts Regularly


The Office chair is similar to any other investment you made for your business, you also have to regularly keep up with how your office chair is currently doing. Inspect all the parts of your work chairs for at least every 6 months. Check to see whether they are still good and tightly attached. If you see damaged components, you may have to replace them with new ones or tighten up the screws. For office chairs that are used more than 8 hours a day, you may have to fully inspect them at least every 2 months.

4. Avoid Weak Looking Chairs


Consider the price and support features of the chair when searching for your office chair. As much as possible, look for chairs with a 5 legged base. Also, look carefully at the casters and wheels. Check if they are durable enough to handle the weight. They must also fit very snugly into the base. For preventive measures, always keep the entire base of the office chair on the floor.

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5. Don’t Over Play on Your Chair


Try as much as possible to avoid tilting your office chair too much. We try to have fun while on the office chair and resulted into rolling on the casters or wheels. Do not lean on the chair too much as this may cause the office chair to fall back and giving you a serious back pain.

There are different types of risks with office chairs, you can even get injured while sitting in an ergonomically correct chair or even a plush executive chair. The above-listed tips will assist you to avoid office chair related hazards.



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