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7 Places to Hang Mirrors in your Home

Women are usually very particular about their looks, to give a woman a room without mirrors will be an absurd thing to do; she would opt to use her phone or a pocket mirror which will not be satisfying.  Even after leaving home, certain women still check their looks in the windows of cars. Mirrors aren’t just useful in checking if you look good or not; they also enhance the décor, reflect light and enlarge spaces in homes.


In any house, there should be sufficient mirrors that are strategically placed either because of needs, to reflect something worthy or to enhance a room. Mirrors have a way of keeping people from boredom especially in elevators, as well as help claustrophobic people create the image of a larger space.

These are places you should consider hanging mirrors in your homes.


1. Bathrooms

Bathroom mirrors

Hanging mirrors in a bathroom is a necessity, no bathroom should exist without a mirror. Over the sink is the most popular place where mirrors are fixed in a bathroom, this makes shaving and applying makeup much easier. Teaching your child how to brush properly will be better if there is a mirror allowing the child to see how he or she is doing it, mirrors can also be placed in bathrooms to enlarge space. Framed or unframed wall mirrors and swing arm mirrors are suitable for bathrooms.

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2. Entryway

Entryway mirror

Designers prefer to place mirrors in the entryway as they deprive of natural light and are perfect for installing versatile objects like mirrors. When complemented with candles, art objects and original lightning, they allow creating of one of a kind ambience. Entryway mirrors allow for last minute hair check and touching up of makeup before you leave the house. It would be nice to have a lovely arrangement of flowers reflecting in the mirror and a small chest beneath it. Decorative mirrors, antique mirrors and wall mirrors will grace an entryway.


3. Bedrooms

Bedroom mirror

Mirrors in the bedroom make dressing up more convenient, never go overboard with mirrors in a bedroom. Dressing mirrors should be present in every bedroom, having enough room in front of them makes usage much easier. The kind of mirror you choose depends on your style; you could go for mirrors in a dressing table, wall mirrors, floor mirrors, eye deceiving mirrors, decorative mirrors, traditional mirrors or a mirror that brings out the shape of your room.


4. Dining room

Dining room mirrors

A mirror over a dining room is a nice touch, it will show the lovely array of food adding glamour to the room while entertaining guests. Any kind of mirror will enhance a dining room; you could use a mirror to create a focal point, make a statement, as decorative windows, to exaggerate symmetry and much more. Dining rooms are very appropriate for mirrors, anyone used here should be classy.

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5. Living room

living room mirror

The light from the window will be reflected If a mirror is present in the living room making the room look brighter, larger and prettier. Wall mirrors can give your living room an elegant and sophisticated look, floor mirrors can also work in the living room. You could get creative stylish mirrors that look like artworks, bring the outdoor inside by displaying your garden through the mirror or use the mirror to create a focal point.


6. Hallways and Staircase

staircase mirror

Illuminating dark hallways and staircases with mirrors is a splendid idea as the mirror will reflect any light coming in. Mirrors make narrow hallway or staircase appear more spacious, creating a better flow from room to room and adding elegance to the hallways and staircases. Wall mirrors can gracefully fit in hallways, you could also go ahead with decorative mirrors.

7. Outdoors

outdoor mirrors

Mirrors can be used outdoors especially in gloomy areas,  they aren’t only meant for inside the house usage since they introduce more light into places where they are put. You can use them to illuminate a north facing terrace, a basement level garden or a shady courtyard. Framed wall mirrors can do a wonderful job outdoors, other types of mirrors could do the job as well. 

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Mirrors are an effective interior design tool that beautifies your space, don’t hesitate to decorate your homes with them.



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