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Tips for Setting Up Chandelier in Your Home

Chandeliers do not only provide excellent light in a room, they add even more beauty to an already beautifully designed space.  These fixtures set the tone in the space they are installed. The aura in a room with a well-designed chandelier is quite different. The designs produced in recent years offer more variety of choices.

Apart from the beauty chandeliers add to a room, they also save space. Instead of using other items that will take an additional space on the floor or make the room appear smaller, a chandelier can achieve the same purpose and still save space. Decorating a room to look more appealing can be difficult if you’re working with limited space. Small spaces like closets can use a chandelier and you’ll still have all of the space you need for clothes and shoes.

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Despite all the great benefits, fixing a chandelier at home presents a few challenges such as knowing the appropriate size for your space, how high to hang them, light output, type of light source, dimming options, and so on. These are some tips to help you set up your chandelier:

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  • In a dining room, the simple sizing rule is that your chandelier should be about 12 inches narrower than the dining table surface. The design should also have at least 4 feet of distance from the room walls.
  • When hanging over a dining room table, the bottom of the chandelier should hang thirty to thirty-four inches over the table.
  • If you are hanging a large or heavy chandelier, it is advisable to use a brace above the junction box to help support the weight.
  • Entryways usually have high ceilings that can accommodate tall chandeliers. Ensure there is a minimum 8-foot clearance.
  • The higher the chandelier hangs, the smaller it looks, so go with a larger size if the ceiling is high and/or the space is large.
  • In a large room, you don’t have to limit yourself to one chandelier. You can use two chandeliers.Image result for images of chandeliers in dining rooms
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Also, before buying your chandelier, you should consider a few factors:


This is an important aspect in which you ought to pay attention. Bronze finishes, for instance, combine design elements from both traditional and contemporary styles. Modern designs are usually of satin nickel. Remember that your chandelier’s finish and materials should also complement the surrounding space.

Other light sources

Chandeliers are decorative fixtures, so do not expect it to be a room’s primary light source. Chandeliers work best as a supplementary light source. Before buying, you should also ask if the chandelier is fully dimmable when connected to a dimmer because not every LED chandelier is dimmable.

Gone are the days when chandeliers were only used in formal settings, when it spoke luxury and fanciness. There are different designs now that can perfectly be used in any area of the house. It’s no longer a far-fetched item in many homes. From the dining room to the kitchen to the bedroom, there is space for chandeliers.


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If the ceiling is high, you can put a large piece with beautiful design designs. Chandeliers help to make the room feel more intimate. There should also be a dimmer switch to regulate the light.


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Even if the room is small, it may still be able to accommodate a chandelier. There are small designs that are just perfect for guest rooms. This will make your guests feel more welcome and comfortable in your home.

Chandeliers are wonderful fixtures in the home. Just ensure you make appropriate inquiries before buying, and choose a chandelier that you like.



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