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Top 5 Kitchen Island Styles

The concept of kitchen islands has never been something I understood till I really knew what they were used for. So what is an island in a kitchen? An island is a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the countertop space. In Nigeria today, it is not common to find an island in kitchen, but if you stay up to date on kitchen trends, you already know that islands are a hot commodity right now. There are a  bunch of reasons why you should have a kitchen island, but I’ll keep it short; homeowners love the extra storage, seating, and stylish workspace.


Though an island is an excellent opportunity to include more storage in the kitchen, there are some island designs that have no internal storage. You’ve probably decided to include an island to your kitchen, but which one is the perfect ingredient for your kitchen? Below are 6 popular Kitchen Island designs.


1. L-shaped


The L-shaped island design can help fill in the blank space of your kitchen with more storage and prep space. This type of island is large and can have generous storage and also ensure the workspace is not crowded, so having more than one chef/cook won’t be a problem. L-shaped islands can cut your kitchen design and does not always maximise storage.

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2. U-shaped

The u-shape island is loved by a lot of people especially chefs as its Three walls of cabinetry and appliances are enough to increase the efficiency of any kitchen. The u-shaped island is highly functional, provides extra storage space, more workspace and room for seating. This island style can also be a disadvantage for some homeowners, as the cleaning and cooking might be a problem.


3. Circular


Circular island to some is the most stylish of the lot. The style can add personality to any kitchen and can be full circle or half-moon.  Circular designs can incorporate expansive seating areas that leave enough room for four-plus guests to comfortably eat and socialize. It also adds an interesting visual dynamic to any kitchen. The shape of the island can limit the way you cook, and storage units can be hard to access most times. When it comes to prep and storage circular kitchen islands aren’t always efficient.

4. Gallery


The is the most popular kitchen island design as it is a good fit for any type of kitchen layout that is if there is enough space for one. Gallery island ensures flow and makes your kitchen is efficient. The style also favours bar style seating. The major issue with this style is that some homeowners think it boring, but if you think otherwise this might be the right fit for your home.

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5. Square Island

Square shape

The square island is another popular island shape that comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles is the square. This is a common island used in smaller kitchens and also often is equipped with The cabinets on the island unit can be different from the wall cabinets. In addition, the countertop may be different from the rest of the kitchen as well. This gives a nice contrast and focal point to the room.



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