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Types Of Kitchen Sinks In Nigeria

In case you didn’t know, stainless steel is not the only type of material used for kitchen sinks. In Nigeria today you’ll find more homes with stainless steel sinks than other materials combined. The kitchen sink might only be seen for two major things, to put dirty plates in and also do the dishes. Even if you don’t like cooking, is there ever a day you don’t use your kitchen sink? You see the importance of this overlooked kitchen feature

As a first time buyer, the materials and styles of kitchen sinks in the Nigerian market can make buying the right sink more difficult than it needs to be, but not to worry we’ve got you covered. This article is currently divided into two parts discussing the types of materials and also the design of kitchen sinks in Nigeria.


Kitchen Sink Materials

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

This is the most popular material in Nigeria today. Most of the kitchen sinks for sale in Nigeria are made with stainless steel. The best part of this material is its affordability as you can get one for as little as N12,000 depending on the style and quality. Stainless steel is classified in terms of gauge. Lower gauge steel is heavier, the higher gauge is lighter. If you are thinking of getting this material, be sure you are ready for the noise, as it is louder than other kitchen sink materials.

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2. Cast Iron

Cast iron

Cast iron is the oldest kitchen sink material in the Nigerian market. Its durability and fine finish appeal to many homeowners. Cast iron is very easy to keep clean, but it is very heavy and more expensive than stainless steel. If you want a colourful kitchen sink, then cast iron might be for you as it comes in a variety of colour.

3. Composite


Composite kitchen sinks are not quite common in Nigeria today but they give a modern look to your kitchen. Composite sinks are tough and highly resistant to stains and scratching but quite expensive.

4. Fireclay/Ceramic


Fireclay kitchen sink majorly known as the ceramic kitchen sink in Nigeria is one of the timeless sink materials in the market today. It gives a traditional yet timeless look to the kitchen and is mostly found in the farmhouse style. Ceramic sinks are durable and strong but not indestructible as the enamel can chip from the impact of a dropped pot or glass.


Kitchen Sink Styles

1. Single bowl

Single bowl

The single bowl is basically just one basin Single basin sinks are usually available in compact sizes, making them ideal for situations where space is at a premium and they are usually affordable.

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2. Double bowl

Double bowl

This design is pretty popular as a majority of Nigerian kitchens have this style of the kitchen sink. Double bowl sinks come in a wide array of configurations, so you’ll have to find one that suits your kitchen space and lifestyle.

3. Farmhouse


A farmhouse sink is a large forward-facing section that replaces a portion of the counter. This style is often picked by people who want a traditional style traditional or country-style design. You can find them in the single and double bowl style. But be ready to cough out money if you are drawn to this kitchen sink style.


4. Top mount

Top mount

This style of the kitchen sink is designed to be dropped into a hole in your counter top. Top mount kitchen sinks almost always have a rim or lip that hold the sink in place and creates a finished look. They are easy to install and relatively inexpensive.

5. Under mount

Under Mount

The under mount style is one of the more modern kitchen sink designs you can have in your home.  The sink is mounted underneath the counter. There is no lip or rim, which means that the edge of counter drops off directly into the sink basin. The under mount design is expensive to purchase and install.

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