8 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, you may feel the need to get your home in the romantic groove. Getting your home Valentine’s day ready or making your home a romantic haven doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Below are some affordable and easy ways to get your home ready for Valentine’s day



1. Bring out the candles

Bring out the candles

Scented candles are perfect for creating that romantic ambiance in your home. The beautiful part about candles is that they come in different shapes. You can go for the red scented heart shaped candles. They are also very affordable and available in malls and stores. Candles will give your home that romantic glow

2. The beauty of flowers

The beauty of flowers


Fresh flowers like red roses add to the romantic ambiance. Put some fresh flowers in any room and watch it transform. Put the flowers in beautiful vases or simply use your colored glasses and spice up the love in the room


3. Show some pictures

Show some pictures


Hang up some of your honeymoon photographs or any romantic photos you have. You may even choose to create a picture grid or gallery on the wall.to You can also choose to display them in beautiful frames or just put a striking one up to make a statement.

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4. Let’s make a canopy

let's make a canopy

If you have a four-poster bed, there truly is nothing like this! However, if you don’t, you can make a temporary structure to support your lacy curtain canopy.

Decorate the bed with fresh rose petals, you can arrange them in a heart shape or cover the entire bed. Who says you need to go to a romantic resort?

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5. Rug it

Rug It

Rugs generally give that cozy feeling. Rugs also add color to a room and pull it together. Choose a couple of rugs to add warmth and create a cozy feel. However, don’t limit them to just the living room, put them down in the bedroom and hallway too.



6. Let there be ‘romantic’ light

Let there be ‘romantic’ light


Create the right ambiance by switching on a lamp or two. Floor lamps are extremely popular these days and they well with any kind of living room décor. A pendant lamp creates romantic shadow play. You can get some fairy lights and string them up around mirrors and plants in the home. There is nothing more romantic than twinkling lights.

7. May it smell like Valentine!

May it smell like Valentine!

Nothing beats having that romantic, sensual smell in your home. Create the sensual and enchanting scent by spraying a fragrance. You can use scented oil or rose-scented potpourri.

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8. Display those artifacts

Display those artifacts

Decorations for Valentine’s Day need to be really simple anything more would leave you bordering on tacky. A vase with a rose on the bedside table, a heart shaped bowl with candy in it, will do just fine.

The most important thing to remember when making decorating your home for Valentine’s Day is to be creative, romantic and simple! However, keep in mind that a house is the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give your significant other or yourself, so for affordable properties for rent or for sale in various parts of Nigeria, visit tolet.com,ng Today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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