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5 Types Of Office Desks You Should Have

Office Desks are one of the most important components of an office, this is beacuse an office can’t sucessfully operate without a desk where business activities will be carried out. Office Desks are primarily used for writing and computer system but often double as a storage at some instance when employees will keep their files, folders and accessory.


The type of desks that exist in an office can affect the way the public generally and clients address such an office. An office desk is an integral part of the office must perform various functions to ensure productivity of workforce and progress in the office. The variations in different types of desks encountered in modern office setup gives it the different definitions and are manufactured in woods and steel or mixture of both

Check 5 types of office desk you should have below;


1. Reception Desk

reception desk

Reception desks should be your primary sight when you first step into any type of office. They are meant to be moderately elegant, to attract people and comes in different sizes, colours and shapes. Reception desks are purposely designed to be used at the office reception areas. Consideration should be given to the amount of space available at your office, colour and dimension of the desk.

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2. Computer Desks

computer desk

Computer desks are specially built to aid computing purposes and it comes with adjustable compartments for basically the keyboard. Computer desks come in different sizes, shapes, colour and can be manufactured with wood or steel to ease adjustment. Modern computer desk designs can fit at any corner of the office and often come with storage in form of drawers.


3. U-Shaped Desks

u shaped desks

U-shaped desks primarily take up a lot of office space and are advisable for employees who love multitasking. It provides the users with some level of privacy and is mostly used by executive managers or senior employees as it enhances productivity by giving them the required space they need to work with at the office.

4. L-Shaped Desks

l shaped

L-shaped office desks are similar to U shape as it allows for more space to work with and mostly found in the reception area. This type of office desks often come with storage options to store files, folders because they are mostly manufactured with large drawers and also come in different materials such as wood or steel.


5. Open Space Desk

open office desk

Open space office desk is gaining popularity with the emergence of tech hub and modern office set up. Open space desk allows for a large number of people to work together on a single desk and it takes less space. This type of office desk is commonly found in tech hubs around the world.

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These are the common types of office desks you should have in your office. Consider the space and other types of existing furniture in your office before you choose an office desk.



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