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5 Tips for a Modern Bedroom Design

Designing a bedroom can be a challenging task, owing to the fact that you have to research for good decor and designs to ensure the room is functional and modern as well. Bedrooms are considered a personal abode and one of the most important places in a house be it the master bedroom, guest bedroom or kids room the decoration of the bedroom is of utmost importance to the human welfare.

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The bedroom is a room in a house designated for sleeping and relaxation. It should be spacious enough to allow for easy movement and accommodation of items such as the bed, clothes closet and dressing table. Furniture and bedroom fittings vary greatly depending on the size of the bedroom, shape and individual user choices.


Below are 5 tips to design your modern bedroom.


1. Bedroom colour and pattern

bedroom colour

Colours can really affect your mood. Therefore, it’s important to choose a bedroom colour scheme based on your personal preferences. Neutral colours such as whites, creams and light blues are serene and soothing while brighter colours such as oranges, yellows, pinks are warm and inviting colours. Choosing simpler colour will help make your room look big and the ceilings should be painted white to enliven the room space. Dark and bold paint should be avoided as well as wall hangings or paintings should be limited few sides. At least a wall of the room should be free from all sorts of wall hangings or decor.

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2. Window Designs

bedroom windows

A bedroom window performs two main functions which are to allow ventilation and natural lighting. Modern window designs can be of different shapes such as double or single hung, sliders, casement or bow. Bedroom windows should be covered with beautiful curtains for privacy purpose as well as reduce unnecessary lighting. Use easy and simple fabrics for your curtain materials. Bright and warm colours can enhance the feeling of your bedroom curtains. Avoid thick and dark materials for it makes the bed appear heavy and looks bulky.

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3. Furniture Arrangements

bedroom furniture

The arrangement of furniture is vital to the stylish appearance and good traffic of your modern bedroom design. One of the important features of the bedroom design is the bed’s location. Bed and bedside tables should be placed near the wall in other to have more space to move around.  The bed should not be placed directly facing the bedroom doors.  Enhance your bed style with fancy soft headboards. Ideal headboards should have no hard edges that can cause injury should you accidentally hit your head.

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4.  Lighting

bedroom lighting
Lighting remains a key element in any room of a house, the choice of lighting for a bedroom should be inviting and relaxing. Bedside lamps are the common types of bedroom lighting, but fancy lighting that can be mounted on the wall or hung from the ceilings can be useful for someone who likes reading or perform some other tasks in the bedroom.


5. Wall Decors

bedroom wall decor

Modern bedroom wall decor can be as simple as a piece of artwork, picture frames or painting. Decorations such as picture frames and other stylish art pieces make your bedroom look stylish and relaxing. Mirrors are good fits for any type of bedroom, it helps reflect light and illusion of size and length for the room. A large mirror allows you to take a full view at your outfit dressing.


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The above-listed tips will assist you in choosing the best designs for your bedroom. Keep your bedroom organised and stylish by arranging things in order and avoid scrambling of items all over the house.


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