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6 Things to consider before choosing your Kitchen Cabinet

The most interesting place in a house for some people is the kitchen, especially for those who love cooking; they often cherish their kitchens. The way your kitchen is styled can determine the ease with which you cook and the extent to which you love your kitchen; Kitchen cabinets are an essential furniture that helps store food, cooking equipment, silverware, dishes and influence the style of your kitchen.

The cabinetry in the kitchen is the most prominent and defining factor in the room, they have a great impact on how your kitchen will look and might involve you spending on them. Whether you are remodelling or moving into a new space, choosing the appropriate cabinet can be the biggest decision you will make for your kitchen.


Proper planning helps in making good decisions, here are tips on how to choose the best kitchen cabinet for your home.


1. Kitchen size

kitchen sizeThe first thing to consider is how big or small your kitchen is and what will work well in the space available.  If you have an image of how you want your kitchen to look in your mind or a design you love, determine if is possible with what you have to work with. Think about how much storage space you need, it will help you determine the perfect cabinet that will create the style and look you want. The cabinet you choose should maximise the space in the kitchen; Cabinets that make use of high-end space are suitable for small kitchens helping to make effective use of space.

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2. Cabinet type and style

cabinet typeYou have to decide on whether you want wall mounted, under the counter, tall, corner or hutches cabinet or if you want a mixture of them, this will help determine the places where you cabinets will be. You also have to choose between stock, semi-custom or custom cabinets depending on whether you want to just go with what has been manufactured or if you want to specify how your cabinet should be made. Cabinets can either be Face-framed or frameless in construction, each have their advantages and disadvantages.


3. Shelving

shelvingThe kind of shelving you pick determines how accessible and covenant your storage space will be, you can either go with open shelving or closed shelving which includes drawers and door cabinets or a combination of the methods. Open shelving is ideal for organized people and small spaces since it can open up space, making the place look bigger. Drawers offer a good use of space and allow easy access to dishes and food stuffs, especially deep drawers; Pullout shelving system behind door cabinets is a good option.

4. Door style

door styleThe cabinet door style has an impact on the overall appearance of your cabinets which determines how your kitchen looks; there are various door styles out there like raised panel, flat panel, recessed panel doors, arched cathedral, slab, mitred, shaker, inset, revere, beaded, mission and much more. Decide on which door style you like and which one will suit your kitchen well. A lot of times, the door style is narrowed down by your budget which will help to make the choice easier.

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5. Material

materialDetermine what material you want your cabinet to be made from; solid wood such as cherry, maple, teak, oak and alder are the most popular choice for making cabinet parts. Plywood, medium density fibreboard, particle board, metal and laminate can also be used; plywood and particle board are usually cheaper for making cabinets than using solid wood. Different wood species have different grain patterns, offering varying colour hue and take stains differently.

6. Finishing

finishingThe finishing of the cabinets matter, as bad finishing can ruin their appearance; cabinets can be finished with opaque paint, opaque lacquer and transparent finishes like lacquer or vanish. They can be toned or glazed as a form of finishing; melamine, thermofoil or high pressure laminates can be used to coat the cabinet material. Most paint grade cabinets are in some variation to a semigloss coat, the choice of finish can affect the colour, sheen and feel of the cabinet.

Your lifestyle and how you use the kitchen should guide you in choosing the best kitchen cabinets for your home along with all that was listed above.


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