How Can I Make My Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

Having a small bathroom in Lagos apartments be it a 1,2,3-bedroom apartment isn’t a new thing. Most residents usually don’t know what to do about it or how to go about making more room than they presently have. But there is hope! They are various ways to deal with this. Your small bathroom can be designed to look and function just as well as the rest of your apartment. Here are a few pointers I put together to not only help make your small bathroom look bigger but to make it look fantastic;

1. Setting the tone

When making your small bathroom appear bigger, you have to ensure you keep everything in the same tone or colour scheme as much as you can. Don’t go having dark walls and light coloured tiles or vice versa as what this does is, it chops up space visually hereby giving the bathroom a smaller space vibe. If you really want a contrast, though, pick an object that would stand out. For example; a bold light fixture would do just fine.


2. Painting styles

If every wall of your bathroom has a patterned paint job or wallpaper, it can make the room look a lot cluttered. Ensure you paint the ceiling and the walls. When doing this, I would recommend the colour, white as it gives the illusion of a big enough space. Other light colours like sky blue, pastel yellow, beige, off-white give this illusion too. Neutral colours give off a blank vibe which you can manipulate to your liking by accessorising with designs, ornaments or artworks. Painting a unifying colour will make the usual shapes disappear, especially if your ceiling is angled or has some oddly shaped low areas.

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3. Blending and Tiling

Blend the tile colour and the wall paint colour or wall tiles colour in order to give it a seamless look as this helps double the space in your small bathroom. The ceiling could also be the same colour as the wall paint or a few shades lighter. Plain tiles also go a long way in creating a big bathroom floor space. Busy patterned tiles can make your bathroom space seem smaller than they actually are. When tiling your walls, a plain colour is more effective if making space is what you are after.

tolet-need-to-find-na-small-tin4. Mirrors

Mirrors are another go-to for making your bathroom look bigger. While a wide horizontal mirror would help create an illusion of an extended space in the bathroom, a vertical mirror would help create the sense of a raised ceiling height, it all depends on what you are aiming at.  A good place to put up mirrors is opposite a window to help capture the light which would reflect in the bathroom, brightening the space and pushing out the walls. Imagine having a mirror in your plain tiled bathroom, it would make the room appear multiplied thereby making the floor and walls look even larger as mirrors stretch out space by reproducing it. One of the best ways to use a mirror also is to make it a focal point. A beautiful shape, frame or style of a mirror would help take the focus off the size of your bathroom.

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5. Light

Go for enough natural light as possible. Many bathrooms are usually covered with permanent shutters covering the entrance of light which makes the bathroom looked cramped up. Use mini blinds or a light small curtain (depending on your window size) for the windows. You can also try lighting up low-light areas in the bathroom by going for higher wattage bulbs.


Peradventure you want a demarcation between the bathtub or shower area and the toilet, a clear glass door or slide would do for a small bathroom. A clear glass door opens up the bathroom and at the same time provides a classy feel. If you are going for a shower curtain, choose one with a pop of colour that grabs attention and instantly pulls you away from the size of the room. For low ceilings, you can raise the bar used to hold the shower curtain a little bit close to the ceiling so the walls would seem much taller.

7. Hooks and Rails

In a small bathroom space, the last thing you need is cabinets and shelves protruding from the wall as they cramp up the little space you have.  Hooks and rails can be a very nice way of freeing up space in your bathroom. Hooks only take up a few inches on your door or walls and they don’t have to disrupt your design flow. A hanging storage for your bath and shower supplies can save lots of space too. It can even serve as a form of design and décor as you can dedicate a section of your wall to be a form of storage of your bath supplies in a lovely manner

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By following this simple tips, you can transform your small bathroom into a clutter free and more spacious bathroom. It would also go a long way in impressing the guests you have over.



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