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7 Cool Bed Types that can Help Save Space

The first thing that often pops into to the mind of sleepy or tired individuals is where they can find a perfect resting spot; sometimes the thought of your bed at home is enough to encourage you on some very stressful days, knowing that the sooner you finish your duties, the earlier you get to go home and have a good rest.

Beds offer the body comfort and a good night sleep which can make standing up from the bed difficult at times; everyone deserves a comfortable bed that will prevent them from waking up with body aches and leaving them well rested. Beds consist of a soft cushioned mattress on a bed frame and are available in different sizes which vary considerably around the world.


There are many bed types and designs; this can make choosing the right beds for your home difficult but it all depends on what you want. Certain types of beds are space conserving and can be useful in your home in rooms that are not large and when extra sleeping space is needed.

Below are 7 cool bed types that can help space


1. Murphy bed

murphyMurphy beds are named after William Lawrence Murphy, whose invention allowed him to entertain by converting his bedroom into a parlour, they are also called wall beds or pull down beds. This type of bed is designed to save space in a unique way, by hinging the frame so that the bed itself can be tilted vertically to store against the wall or inside of a closet or cabinet. These are excellent floor saving options, the floor space can be used for other things or to create more room for movement during the day; lighting and storage cabinets can be added components in Murphy beds.

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2. Trundle bed


Trundle beds are two beds in one, an upper standard bed and the second one on a caster so that it may be stored beneath the upper bed,  they are ideal for saving space and are very popular in kids bedrooms. It allows another bed to be available when necessary, especially when you have several guests; the bottom bed can simply be pulled out when it needs to be used and tucked away after it has been used. They are also known as hurly beds or truckle beds and are not as bulky as bunk beds.


3. Divan bed

divanThere are extensive designs and styles in divan beds, they consist of a bed and mattress but no footboard, most sellers sell the headboards separately. They are great for those limited on space because divan beds are very practical and functional, and are also appreciated for their sturdiness and supreme level of comfort. The bed base which sits on the floor directly provides ample space to store items; they often have drawers, sliders, zip and link storages built into them. 

4. Sofa bed

sofa bedBed-couch is another name used to describe them, as a metal frame and thin mattress are built inside a sofa or couch that can be opened up to make a bed. They are multifunctional, performing the role of a standard sofa, a bed, and occasionally a storage centre; the size depends on the size of the couch. Sofa beds are of different types and designs; they are often used for guests or in children’s room if the room doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a regular bed. The best part is that they don’t look like a folded up bed when in couch mode.

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5. Day bed

These can be made from a variety of materials, they are shaped as a cross between a couch, chaise lounge and a bed. Day beds are suitable for sleeping, reclining, lounging and seating; often found in common rooms, as well as guest rooms because of their multipurpose use, they sometimes feature a trundle to expand sleeping space. They can be used indoors and outdoors, infant beds can sometimes into day beds by removing one side. Some of them are wrapped with fabric or leather texture to make them appealing.

6. Storage beds

storage beds

These are generally wrapped in real or faux leather with space to store items; they are of different designs, some come with space underneath their slatted base and some have large drawers on each side of the frame for stocking your belongings. For those with space underneath, just lift the bed portion to access the space below; storage beds are both functional and comfy. They can be useful in arranging things in an organised manner, even in a small room, making it clutter free.


7. Folding bed

foldable beds

Unique beds with a hinged frame that allows the bed to be folded and stored in much smaller spaces are called folding beds. They are often used in rooms for dual functions, where the bed will not be used regularly or in small spaces. They can be folded on a wheel frame, put into closets or into an enclosure that is meant to be displayed. They are effective for making space available because they only need to be unfolded when they are needed.

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All these bed types are designed in a way that ensures they conserve space, creating room for other things to be put in place while adding flair to your home.  They are mostly needed in small rooms, dual function rooms and guest rooms.  



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