Indoor Plants You Should Buy

Houseplants Bring Freshness & Give Your Apartment a Calm Ambience

Plants Mum, Pet Dad. Sounds cool right? Since COVID-19 lockdown many people have been looking inward, finding time to do what they truly love. Family, Work-life balance, Self-growth etc.

Since many of these realizations happened at home, so many are questioning what they really want in their space. It might be tough to understand where to begin with Plant care if you don’t know where to start. But you’ll notice all the amazing benefits of being a plant parent once you understand the basics of plant care and establish a routine.

For one, gardening isn’t really populated in Nigeria as many homes are not equipped with facilities, some barely have parking lots in Lagos. But indoor plants, that has seen a welcoming surge since the pandemic. 


Why Plants Are Good For Homes

According to findings, it’s a fact that house plants improve your concentration and productivity up to 15%, reduce stress levels, and boost your mood. Amongst other beautiful reasons you should get a plant includes the elimination of harmful toxins up to 87% of air toxin in 24 hours and it makes your air more breathable and fresh.

So if you are thinking of bringing freshness into your apartment or you are a budding plant mum or dad, check out this indoor plant that you should buy

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Snake Plant (Sansevieria) 

This is one of the easiest indoor plants to look after producing more oxygen into your space and it is a beauty to behold too. Doesn’t require too much sunlight and water. 

We currently have them in our office at PropertyPro.ng

Spider plant

One variety plant brings into your space asides from freshness is aesthetics and beauty. You might decide you want a hanging plant and a spider plant is a perfect fit. 

Thriving under every condition: low, medium and high sunlight, overwatering and under-watering and it clears up to 95% air toxins.

Dracaena Marginata

Pronounced as druh·see·nuh – maa·guh·naa·tuh. It has healthy life spam, hard to kill. With just a little care, it blooms. NASA regards it as one of the safest plants when it comes to filtering air. This is an absolute good plant for forgetful or people who barely stay at home 

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Aloe Vera

This is a very familiar name in the plants household. With its super healthy herbal use for skin irritations and burns, Aloe vera is a superb indoor plant. Could be placed on the table, bathroom and it just brings life to your space.

Majesty Palm

This nice-looking tropical plant adds beauty to your indoor decor while at the same time doing the needful to clear the air. With little water requirement 

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Pothos Ivy

Another beautiful hanging plant that thrives in low light and can be watered once in 2 weeks. Pothos Ivy can be cut and be replanted for more plants, it does well for air purification.


English Ivy 

Yet another member of the ivy league of plants. The English Ivy is a fast-growing houseplant perfectly fir for your bedrooms and it prefers to be dry than wet hence less water.

It is also medicinal and highly recommended for respiratory conditions like asthma etc.

You will definitely get plants pots or hangers if you are getting a plant soon, check out inspo and prices.  


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