Decorating A Lady’s Room.

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Its a proven fact that most ladies love beautiful and most especially bright colours in all ramification. Whether as dress codes for events, for decorating their rooms and so on. All the same, there are still some ladies who lack some key techniques in decorating their rooms. Uche was a scattered, I-don’t-care kind of person, she never really bothered about ladies’ stuff and she mostly hung around guys. You should see her room, a total wreck! There was nothing  I didn’t try to do to talk some lady sense into her,  basically I was the only female friend she had. Then I came across some tips on decorating my friend’s room.  Would you like to know these tips? Of course you would…here, they are:

1. The Colour: I asked Uche what  her FAVOURITE colour is and then I added other colours that match her favourite colour. I also added contrasting colours. This is because using different but matching colours brings life and brightness into the room.  Examples of such colours that would lit up a room are pink and blue, pink and yellow, red and gold, orange and green and so on. These colours and many others brighten a room and gives visitors a welcoming feeling!


2. Organize a theme: I had to find out a movie that she likes, it could be anything whether a romance movie, an action one or any other and go with that. You could also find out who her best character or characters are and get an artist draw up such characters on the the wall(s) of her room. Note that the colours to be used must match with the ones on the walls already. For example, ladies love Trey Songz’s body, you could put that on her wall. Well, for Uche, she loves animals, dolphins and I went with that! It was a fantastic idea to add that to the theme of her room. Please note that the lady should make choices that suits her perfectly.

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3. Place accessories: Getting accessories might prove a little tasking but this is essential to create a wonderful feminine touch. Such accessories may include a nice small shelf for books (this could serve as a library if she loves to read). A nice dressing table for her cosmetics with a mirror, a lamp-stand, a manqué  should do the trick. I did this, got a beautiful chandelier because she happens to love them. It was placed in her room and it gave the room a new look when switched on. Accessories from arts aren’t excluded either, as far as the lady is comfortable with them, you’re good to go.


4. Get coordinating bed accessories: Lastly, since the bed is often the focus point of a room, I got her nice bed sheets and pillow cases that correlates with the already painted colours in the room. Dressed her bed smoothly and left the room neat  to give the room its last touch of decoration. Note: The bed, the pillow, bed dresses and pillow cases should be of comfort to her and could be colours of her choice and matching colours at that to give the room its complete look.

This of course was not done in a day, I ceased the opportunity to decorate her room when she was out on vacation. By the time she came back and saw her room, she was lost for words. This change of room had an effect on her and as time went on, she changed gradually. She really loved it and thanked me a lot…you all out there could try these tips out too…Bon chance!!

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Okoli, Obiageli

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  1. Nice attempt at fiction writing. One would have expected the real pictures of the make over you did in your friend’s bedroom and not pictures from the Internet.

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