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5 mistakes to avoid when buying a new sofa

It is easy to get confused or frustrated when buying a new sofa as the best sofas come in varieties of colour, materials and designs as well as differing quality and prices. One should be careful of impulse buying or over excitement when buying a sofa in other not to end up regretting your purchase.


A sofa could be a major investment and one of the largest pieces of furniture in your house. The sofa should be relaxing and comfortable. A multifunctional sofa can be your perfect place for lying down, sit, work, relax or even sleep. This is where you spend a good part of your life reading, watching the TV and that is why the type of sofa you choose is very important.

Check 5 mistakes to avoid when buying a new sofa below;


1. Sofa size and proportion

sofa space

The amount of available space for the sofa, as well as the number of people that will be using the sofa, should be put into consideration when purchasing a new sofa. Sofa sizes come in different sizes such as large, medium and small. Small sofas are the most common types of sofas. The sofa should fit in perfectly to the available space in the room. A sofa with chunkier or heavier overall proportions will appear larger in the room, whilst a sofa that is raised from the floor and has slim arms and seat proportions will appear lighter and visually consume less space.

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2. Neglecting comfortability over style

crumpled sofa

Most people make mistakes of buying a sofa because of its looks and neglect its actual functionalities for which a sofa should be acquired. Television room sofa should be comfortable for the rest of the family, durable and a greater look. For a formal living room, the look of the sofa will have greater importance, select something that is comfortable to sit on and to lie down on. Consider the height of the user as well the depth of the sofa and length of the armrest.

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3. Wrong Sofa Design

wrong sofa design

Can there be a wrong sofa design? Sure there is. If your sofa design is distinctively different from other furniture styles and colour in the room it’s definitely a wrong match, but a wrong design for a particular room can be perfect for a different structure. A low-lined sleek sofa or a cushioned seats with soft materials are great ideas for modern apartments. In most cases, every sofa design is available in a range of various sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

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4. Wrong colour or material

coloured sofa

The most common types of sofa chairs are leather and fabric sofa. Depending on your budget, your desired sofa exists in different materials. Consideration must be given to your budget, where it will be placed, how often will the sofa be in use. The leather is durable for locations prone to spills or children because it can be easily cleaned and repaired of minor tears or scratches. Darker colours sofa should be used for a house with small children to cover up the dirt. Avoid trendy or seasonal designs, classic modern sofas in fabric or leather last longer and can be updated as needed with new accessories.

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5. Ignoring Sofa Durability


A sofa isn’t a temporary feature of the house, in order to ensure this. A good quality product should be opted for as it will last longer and save costs on untimely repairs. Ensure the materials complements each other and avoid buying a sofa with a mixture of two or more materials such as artificial leather on the back of the sofa and a real leather on the seats.

The above-listed are commonly made mistakes when people buy a sofa.



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