Guys PLEASE Keep Your Rooms Tidy.

scattered room new  It’s a battle that is waged in millions of households across the world among children and parents. Many must wonder why this issue has lingered for so long. Guys especially, find it difficult to keep their rooms tidy.  In our country today, the general believe is that guys are scattered and so expect ladies to tidy up their rooms. I beg to disagree, although there are really scruffy guys around and when I say scruffy, I mean reaaaaaaally scruffy so much that visitors prefer staying outside their rooms. Guys, are you  looking for tips on how to keep your rooms tidy?  Check out the following few tips below:

1. The Bed: You know that feeling you get when you lay your bed in a messed up room? Yeah, that feeling. You know, laying tour bed could be the first step to a tidy room. Remove every stuff from your bed and wash the bed sheet and pillow case if necessary. After that, replace and tuck in sheets properly. When this is done, you could place warming blanket(s) or duvets down. Otherwise, you could place a decorative blanket of your choice.

scattered bed

 2. Do your Laundry: After you must have cleared your bed off dirty clothes and stuff, the next step is for you to do your laundry to avoid unnecessary space been occupied. Retrieve laundry from around the room and then please go through the stress of sorting them in light, dark, coloured, towels/rag piles and so on and then wash and dry appropriately.

sorted clothes

3. Clean all Cupboards: Remove and sort items from dressers and table tops carefully and diligently. Dust off dirt’s from your dresser and table tops and if you wish, you could place a nice table cloth on top of your table and then gently replace sorted items and remove garbage accordingly. You could also remove random junk to their respective places and vacuum where they used to be if you are still going to place them in their original position. If you have a bookshelf in your room, remove stuff from bookshelf, clean or dust thoroughly, discard garbage, sort items still in use  and arrange such items back on the shelf. Most guys have computer equipment’s in their rooms. Your computer desk should also be cleaned. Stash headphones, cameras and other portable devices, remove unnecessary equipment’s from the desk, clean the surface of the desk and replace equipment’s properly. SR

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4. The floor: Remove garbage and sweep the floor well. Ensure you vacuum the rug,  After that, place the rug back in its right position. You could use the extension tool of your vacuum to get around edges of the rug to remove dirt properly. Lastly, put all the tools you have used to clean your room in their respective places and you can relax and enjoy a cool, neat and beautiful environment.

new last pic

Okoli, Obiageli.


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