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6 Most Popular Types of Dining Room Sets

Picking the right dining room set for your house is dependent on factors like the size of the dining area, your style, set the mood of the house, how many people it will serve and the environment you want to create. Dining sets are the central piece in any dining room; they take prominent space and set the tone of the entire room, making your eating experience delightful.


Various types of dining room sets exist, the same material is used throughout for some, while for others, it is different.

These are 6 most popular types of Dining Room Sets


1. Wooden dining room sets


Different woods like Mahogany, Maple, Oak, White Cedar and Cherry are used in making wooden dining sets; hardwood is preferable to softwood because it is durable enough to withstand nicks and scrapes. Wooden dining sets are classic furniture that allows the creating of any theme you want in your home whether vintage, contemporary or the creative blending of the two; they come in different colours and shades.


2. Glass Dining room sets

A great way to combine style with practicality is to get a glass dining room set; they bring a touch of contemporary style to any dining room and can fit your preferred look, from simple chic to luxurious glamour. They are strong, elegant, and versatile; they bring an airy feeling to any dining room, open up a visual space adding brightness to the room and a clean modern surface to interact with. They are prone to show smudges and fingerprints.

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3. Laminate dining room sets

This is based on multilayer construction allowing for a sturdy, stable, appealing and wear resistant surface. They might look like wood but they are normally made from plastic, the surface can be imprinted with a wood grain in order for them to look like real wood. They cannot be stained but can be sanded, primed and painted to fix imperfections.


4. Marble dining room sets

These are charming and will make you fall in love with them but they are an expensive investment; they add elegance and a rich tone to the dining area, presenting a heavy textural surface that’s cool to touch. They show cracks and stains which will require constant cleaning but the good thing is that they are easy to clean.

5. Metal dining room sets

Most Metal dining room sets are made from stainless steel; they can give a modern or industrious look, depending on what you want. Metal sets make a flashy and bold statement, giving the room a hard-edged touch; the material is stain resistant and cool to touch.

6. Tile dining room sets

If you are looking for a unique look for your dining room, tile dining room sets are perfect for you; they are interesting and will add charm to your dining area. Whether across the entire surface or placed in specific areas, they make for a textural detailed surface to dine on.

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You can decide to combine the types for your dining room set; for instance, metal table with a glass surface is a nice combination. Your personal taste and lifestyle will help you make a perfect choice.



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