Modern Design For A 3-Bedroom Flat

Space and privacy are usually the striking features of any kind of flat. A modern design 3-bedroom house marries space, style, and privacy for a budding family, temporary traveling executives or friends hanging out for a beach retreat.

A modern design 3-bedroom flat is usually about 1100 sqft consisting of a living room, dining area, kitchen area, a master bedroom with two other rooms, attached toilets, and a balcony or terrace. The more prestigious ones may have luxury built-in closets, stylish and practical use of freestanding wardrobes in each of its three bedrooms. Other 3-bedroom apartments may contain a servant room, a car garage, an indoor or outdoor dining area.

basic design for a 3-bedroom flat

Although a low budget modern 3-bedroom flat is usually about 984 Sqft, it remains the most popular choice during strict economic times.

Floor plan for a 3-bedroom flat

A great floor plan is a good way to start a new home. If you prefer modern style over traditional and classic architecture, want to avoid guesswork, are quality conscious with a need to save time and money, designers usually present set of plans with clear external and interior floor plans for you to pick and choose from before starting out to build your home. These plans can, however, be modified to your specifications.

When it comes to 3-bedroom floor plans, their popularity is quite high. The reason not far-fetched as it is a great choice for a diverse set of families: growing families, those whose kids drop in for occasional visits, couples who work from home with a desire for an office space…the possibilities are limitless.

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A 3-bedroom bungalow home may have rooms and living space on one level for convenience and family connectivity. Likewise, a two-story or duplex home may have bedrooms on the second floor and living space below. The master bedroom or suite can always be placed on the first floor for privacy.

One may decide to build an open floor plan with the kitchen, dining, and living areas easily accessible. An open floor plan makes for an ideal setting for a family’s togetherness when cooking, studying or entertaining guests and friends. Another type of plan is the traditional layout where the dining room is separate from the living room and then, showing a clear distinction between the formal and informal rooms. For someone with an outgoing lifestyle who often throws dinner parties, it is best to have a dining room with access to the kitchen for an easy and smooth flow of service to invited guests.

Homes that stand out and are set apart are usually characterised by exquisite details on the exteriors. It is important to consider architectural elements that fit one’s design aesthetic and budget when choosing a style for a three-bedroom home. A low budget modern design 3-bedroom flat may have simple lines with little or no embellishment, showing a clean façade while a luxurious one may have porches, decorative woodwork, stylish furnishings and unique layouts.


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Whatever style you choose, you will have a home that is spacious and budget friendly.

Different Modern Ways to Style And Furnish A 3-Bedroom Flat

Finding a beautiful modern home plan for a 3-bedroom flat can be tough but these house designs show a variety of ways that three bedrooms can work. A quick look at these floor plan designs can be an inspiration if you are moving into a new house, building one or tired of the arrangement of the place you already live in.

  • Your three bedroom may not always translate to three beds, the third space can be a good transformation into a home office for those who work from home. Work from home mums will find this handy.

Work from home space inspiration


  • Incorporating a wrap-around balcony into a 3-bedroom flat design can be a good encouragement for quality outdoor time especially when there’s a lovely view in sight. It also adds beauty to the exterior of such homes.

Balcony design for 3-bedroom flat

  • A three bedroom flat built for the sole purpose of sharing can be a lot easier when each bedroom has its own assigned bath, corner or closet space giving room for tonnes of privacy.

3-bedroom design with cornersCHECK OUT: LAND FOR SALE IN LEKKI PHASE I
3-bedroom design with closet spcae

3-bedroom with separate master bedroom

  • Where space is a problem, height becomes the solution. You might consider looking at a duplex design for a 3-bedroom flat on half a plot of land. A 3-bedroom duplex design may have on its ground floor a waiting room, a Guest bedroom, Main lounge, Kitchen, Dining, Store and Stairwell (public and private) whilst the first floor contains a 2 bedroom (all-suite), a Private lounge, library or study and two kitchens.
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3 bedroom flat plan on half plot


With a continued increase in urbanization and as more rural dwellers migrate to the urban city, the problem of little or no space is dealt with via the use of heights. Singapore architecture has been able to implore the use of height to cover up for lack of space in the city. This has led to an increased construction of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.  At the eighth annual World Architecture Festival, held at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, a ‘vertical village’ in Singapore was named the World Building of the Year in 2015. This was in praise for its “radical and alternative” approach to living in a tropical environment.


It’ll also be a good approach, for countries in tropical regions like Nigeria, to emulate Singapore’s vertical village in building a modern design 3-bedroom flat with little access to land.



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