Equipment for Setting Up a Home Gym

Getting in shape is a tough goal to stick to, requiring a lot of work and commitment. But with enough determination and proper planning, your dream body can be realised. Setting up a home gym requires more commitment as it is very likely to give in to the temptation. Leaving the comfort of your home to go to a gym is enough motivation to maximise your time there. Also, seeing other people who are committed to keeping fit will keep you on your toes. However, gyms are expensive and usually crowded. Building a home gym doesn’t have to be particularly expensive. oftentimes people waste a lot of money on unnecessary cardio equipment, multi gyms and overpriced specialist products that are not particularly useful. Whatever you do, know what works best for you.

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In setting up a home gym in your home, these are some home gym equipment for various types of workouts


Punching bag

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A heavy punching bag is great for shedding fat if you put the proper time and technique into working out. Hitting the punching bag hard is a sure way to relieve stress.

Power Reels

A cross between resistance bands and dumbbells, Power Reels provide resistance, forcing your muscles to spend more time under tension. This equipment helps with muscle building.

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A Rowing Machine

A rowing machine can help build your muscles, and improve your endurance. If you aim at losing weight, this is an important machine to have as it helps to burn calories. Rowing is also a solid alternative for people with back and joint problems, as it places little strain on these areas as long as they’re using good form.

Foam Roller

The foam roller is useful for smoothing out sore muscles

Pullup Bar

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Attach this bar onto the top of your door frame, and you can use it for pullups. This exercise is great for the back and bicep.

Air Power

With Air Power, you can warm up your body before a workout. This machine serves as a resistance to bulk up your back, shoulders, and arms.

Jump Ropes

Jump Ropes popularly known as Skipping Ropes, are good for keeping in shape. The rope is adjustable hence can be used by people of various sizes and heights.


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Treadmills simulate the running sensation, even though you’re on the same spot. This machine is your ticket to a trimmer, healthier look. Find a way to work this activity into your daily schedule.

Stationary Bike

Just as the treadmill is for running or jogging, the stationary bike can be ridden for as long as you want to, in the same position. It helps to build stronger muscles and healthier physique. Another advantage is that you create the resistance. This means you can change resistance at your own pace, making it the perfect piece of equipment for your home gym if you’re focused on high-intensity interval training.

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Dumbbells are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment. For those starting a new workout regimen, this is a great feature that will challenge you.



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