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10 Reasons to get a Swimming Pool

Many love the idea of having a swimming pool in their house more than having the pool itself because it adds a unique quality to property that makes it very desirable. Swimming pools come in different types, designs, sizes and shapes; they are not a necessity but they are wonderful features to have in your home.


Apart from adding to your home’s value, there are many important reasons to have a swimming pool and these are some of them.


1. Kids learn to swim

kids swim

It is often said that the earlier kids learn how to swim, the better. At very early ages, they can get used to water and get rid of fear, which prepares them for future learning of swimming skills. There is a reduced risk of drowning in preschoolers who have taken swimming lessons.

2. Encourages family time

family time

Pools are a nice place for the family, both nuclear and extended to gather and have fun, it brings about togetherness. Memories are formed as family members play with one another, teach the young ones to swim, grill,  barbeque, make jokes, laugh about different things and watch movies at the pool.

3. Throw parties

pool party

Poolside parties are usually fun and lovely, It’s a great way to entertain your friends and neighbours especially when they have had a long week, providing them with a means of relaxation. Pools are also great for bridal showers, it can help the bride relax from the stress of planning for a wedding and makes her friends happy.  A swimming pool in a private garden can be a great place for a poolside wedding because of the romantic atmosphere.

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4. Relaxation


After a long day of being in the sun and working endlessly, the pool is a nice place for you to relax when you get home, helping to beat the heat. Spending time in the water helps your body relax, get rid of stress, and helps you to sleep better. One of the best places to read and watch the stars is next to the sereneness of the water.

5. Health reasons

health reasons

Swimming promotes a healthier lifestyle, provides an excellent body workout with a minimal risk of injury, can promote fast weight loss; improving flexibility, endurance, strength, muscular balance, circulation and heart health. Swimming is great for the joints and some believe it’s one of the ways to beat the debilitating effects of arthritis.

6. Outdoor resort at home

A pool customised with great elements like waterfalls, rock features, fire features, vanishing edges and other unique amenities can serve as a relaxing and inviting centrepiece in your own backyard. turning your yard into an outdoor elegant paradise. The family doesn’t need to go for vacations often, the pool will save some money.

7. Long lasting

long lasting

The pool is long lasting; therefore, it will be there when grandkids come to stay, vacations cease and visits to parks end. Pools are very convenient, you will always come back to meet them where you left them. Fun happens at the pool on a continuous basis whether you are old or young, it’s like having a year round vacation in your own home.

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8. Keep an eye on your kids

keep an eye on kids

Parents can have rest of mind knowing that their kids are close, playing with friends by the pool, and not having to rely on a neighbourhood lifeguard. It is important for parents to know where their kids are playing, as well as the friends their kids associate with. Pools can help build children’s confidence and train competitive kids.

9. Adds beauty to your home


Swimming pools have aesthetic value; no matter how beautiful your home is, it will be enhanced by a pool because they add a certain grace to every landscape and a backdrop that no other adornment can duplicate. If you want to relocate, the difference between selling your house quickly and keeping it on the market might be a pool, because it adds value to your house.


10. Easy maintenance


Today’s pools are extremely easy to maintain; many come with advanced electronics, remote control features and simplified operating procedures. Homeowners now spend more time enjoying their pools and less time looking after them, it’s important that pools are maintained properly to prevent health or safety issues.


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