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7 Important Points to Consider When Buying A Bunk Bed

Sharing a room is always an adventurous experience for every kid and even students. Bunk beds are one of the most important options a family can select from when peering children in the same room. Choosing the right bunk beds will ensure everyone is happy and reduce quarrel over sleeping space. Bunk beds will develop their individual abilities in taking care of their personal possessions as everyone is responsible for their sleeping conditions.


Bunk bed is a type of bed in which one or two beds are stacked on top of another and allow for two or more people to comfortably sleep in a room. Bunk beds are commonly found in children’s room, dormitories, hostels, prison cells and university residence. Bunk beds are normally built upon four pillars, with railings to support the user from falling off and a ladder to reach the upper section of the bed.

Check 7 points to consider when buying a bunk bed below;


1.Space Between Bunks

space between bunk

The space between beds on a particular bunk bed should be considered before buying a bunk frame. This is because bunk beds are not meant for sleeping only, it can double as a perfect sitting and reading space. It is important that the lower section is spacious enough for the person to sit comfortably before fitting the upper half.

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2. Bunk Frame Height

bunk height

The height of the bunk bed is as important as the bed itself. Rooms with high ceilings can function well with any type of bunk bed and can even accommodate up to three beds on one bunk. However, if the ceiling in your children’s room is low, your bunk bed may not be available for sitting or the height of the top bunk can just be lowered a little. The most important point is to ensure there is enough space between the ceilings and the top bunk.

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3. Ladder/Stairs construction

bunk bed stair

Choosing the right ladder or stair type will allow people climb the bunk easily and without fear of falling. A permanent ladder should be used in children’s room to avoid falling off as a result of ladder misplacement and also the ladder should have firm hand railings and short steppers to reduce the stress of climbing up as well. The modern bunk beds stair designs can function as a storage space.

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4. Bed Quality


The bed is the greatest investment in the bunk bed. The durability of the bed should be thoroughly checked before buying. Whether a king sized bed or small beds, it should be soft enough to enhance the sleeping condition of the users. The bed materials should be firm in other to last longer.

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5. Storage Space

bunk storage

Bunk beds should not only save space. but provide storage space as well. One of the distinguishing features of a bunk bed is that it consumes less space in the room and bunks bed with storage space will leave no choice to buy extra cupboards.

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6. Bunk Rails Height

bunk rails

Falling down from the upper half is the only accident of a bunk bed and it is important to extensively watch out for the person sleeping at the upper section of the bunk bed. All four sides of the bunk should have high-enough rails to avoid accident fo falling down. You can consider placing the bunk frame close to a wall, diagonally with two sides on the wall.

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7. Aesthetics

aesthetic bunks
Providing your children with the bunk bed of their choice is a great way to instil the best ambience and sleep area in the room. Bunk beds should be stylish and functional, wood bunks are the commonly found types in most houses and are available in varieties of fancy designs. Modern bunk beds are now available in metals, plastics and wood mixture and can be painted in different colours. The bunk bed can also include a side drawer to help the users keep personal belongings.

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Following all the steps mentioned above will help you choose and buy the right bunk bed for your house; buckle up and invest wisely in your choice of bunk bed furniture.



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