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Top 5 Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

Cabinets are to the kitchen just like food is to a Man’s belly. A modern kitchen can’t be complete without a cabinet as it is the only means by which you store equipment in your Kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are one of the important features of a modern kitchen design as it is one of the first things you notice in the kitchen.


The Kitchen cabinets are primarily used for storing food, cooking equipment or dishes and can either be installed on the wall or floor. Modern kitchen cabinets are mostly curved or geometric manner and don’t make use of moulding. Kitchen cabinets can come in different sizes, shapes and materials such as wood combination, solid wood and metal.

Check out Top 5 Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design below;


1. Base Cabinets

base cabinet
Base cabinets are the common design of kitchen cabinets that allows for bulk storage and often built with inner shelving for items such as pots, cookware and cleaning supplies. As the name implies, base cabinets are kitchen cabinets placed on the lower parts of the kitchen space. Base cabinets are primarily built to sit under the counter top of the kitchen and remains the largest area of a cabinet system. Base cabinets come in different types such as open base, cabinets, base pull out cabinets, base easy access cabinets and corner cabinets.

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2. Wall Cabinets

wall cabinet

Wall cabinets provide your kitchen with storage options above the countertops and the base cabinets. This type of cabinet is usually suspended above the countertops for easy access of kitchen items while in a standing or moving position and are typically used for storing spices, beverages and lightweight utensils. Wall cabinets can only have a box frame, panelled door or hanging rail and can never include drawers or shelves. Consideration must be given to the wall that will house the cabinet, it should at least be 12 inches deep to hold the cabinets and heavy items should not be placed inside a wall cabinet. Wall cabinets come in different types such as wall end cabinet, wall angle cabinet and wall trash pull-out cabinet.

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3. Tall Cabinets

tall cabinet
Tall cabinets outshine other types of kitchen cabinets as regards its height and storage capacity. Tall cabinets as the name implies can be as tall as 96 inches. Tall cabinets can be referred to as pantry cabinets and are mostly used for utility storage. It has the capacity to accommodate large and bulky items such as food supplies. Types of tall cabinets are tall pantry pullout, utility tall cabinets and oven and microwave cabinets.

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4. Diagonal Corner Cabinet


Diagonal corner cabinets are primarily designed to be installed in a corner space of a building and it offer more storage space as it is larger in dimensions. This type of cabinets provides a diagonal transition across the right angle of the corner. Diagonal cabinet dimension makes it difficult to reach deep inside the corner area except for the drawer style and as such the cabinet should not be filled with heavy items.

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5. Custom Cabinets

custom cabinet

Custom cabinets are specifically built to serve an identified purpose. Custom cabinets are built to owner specifications and can be expensive, labor-intensive and time-consuming. A professional cabinetmaker or carpenter can be hired to measure the space where the cabinet will be used to prevent the cabinet from being too small or big. Custom cabinets are either built on or off site by a skilled carpenter, it has multipurpose use and can be used for kitchen that are not of standard size.

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With the right kitchen cabinets, you need not struggle to get items behind the cupboard or back of the shelf any longer. The above-listed options will help reduce your stress of fixing your dream kitchen cabinets that will be functional.

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