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8 Types of Wall Decorators for Homes

Having bare walls in your home might not be the best thing, as there would be nothing to catch people’s interest except if the walls are fabulously painted.  Wall decorations can keep guests busy while they have nothing else to do, give friends creative ideas on how to decorate their own walls, beautify your home, give your house a unique appearance and earn you compliments.


Walls are a perfect canvas for creative ideas; wall decorators brighten any room they are placed in and are of various types.

Here are 8 types of wall decorators for homes 


1. Wall stickers

wall stickers

These are great do-it-yourself home decorating options that allow personal creativity without damaging the wall; they are very useful in rental spaces and can be put back onto the supplied backing sheet when moving to a new property. Wall decals are a type of vinyl stickers and are cut with vinyl cutting machines; most use only colour but some have various images printed upon them.

2. Family photo gallery

family picture

Family pictures have a sentimental value, they bring memories of fun times had together. Picture frames enhance the picture, making it more attractive and drawing people’s attention to it. Visitors often take interest in pictures; familiarising themselves with family members, asking questions to understand the story the picture is telling; pictures are worth a thousand words.

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3. Printed wall art


Prints can be broadly divided into artist produced works of art and mechanically reproduced pictures. Prints can be made from oil paintings, sculptures, poetry, drawings and much more. Printed wall arts are very enjoyable and allow the work of the artist to be seen since multiple copies are printed. They are beautiful features to decorate your walls with.


4. Mural wall art

wall mural

Any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall is a mural, the visual effect is an enticement to attract attention and express individuality in homes, a simple mural can be added to the smallest of walls. It usually involves the commissioning of an artist to paint a mural in any room of your choice; dining rooms, living rooms and children’s bedrooms are nice places to add murals.

5. Wall quotes

wall sayings

Beyond adding beauty to walls; they can inspire, energise and motivate you or your visitors. They can come in form of stickers or with frames, wall quotes are mostly gotten from famous authors; choose the ones that you like or that will inspire you. Living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens are nice places to have wall sayings or quotes in your home.

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6. Wall sconces

wall sconces

Wall sconce are brackets for light attached to walls in such a way that it uses only the wall for support; the light in most cases is directed upwards. Sconce may be traditional candles, torch, gas light or a modern electric light source affixed in the same way. They provide lighting while being a point of interest, they are suitable for interior and exterior home walls.


7. Wall mosaic art

wall mosaic

Mosaic is a design made from an assemblage of small pieces of coloured glass, tile, stone, mirror, beads, shells or other materials to create a unified whole piece of art. They can be placed directly or indirectly upon the supporting surface, each piece of material used in making mosaic is a tessera. Wall mosaic can be a very interesting piece of decorative art.

8. Wall Mirrors

wall mirror

Mirrors are objects that reflect light, create the illusion of space, amplify the apparent size of a room and decorate the interior of homes. There are many artistic mirror designs that could enhance the walls of your home adding depth, intrigue and texture to rooms. They are useful for personal grooming, complementing other interior decorations and can reflect anything you deem worthy.

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Make the walls of your home look intriguing by decorating them with nice wall decorators that will enhance them.



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