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5 Types Of Bed Frames For Modern Houses

A bed frame is of utmost importance when buying a new bed or enhancing the old arrangements in your modern house. At times the need for a new bed frame is advisable than buying a new mattress. New bed frames can make an old mattress look more relaxing than ever.


One of the main features in a bedroom is the bed itself, but the bed is not complete without a good bed frame. The most common type of bed frames are wooden and metal frame bed, they often come with footboard and headboard. Bed frames are one of the most important accessories in a bedroom as it contributes to your bird firmness and good rest. Bed frames are manufactured in a variety of style, design, size and colour. Choosing from these available options can be a confusing task at times.

Check 5 types of bed frames for modern houses below;


1.Platform Bed Frame

platform bed

A platform bed is a type of bed that does not require a box spring and are mostly made of wood or wood-like materials. Platform beds are manufactured with built-in solid slats that directly raise the mattress. It can include headboards, footboards, built in drawers or headboard shelves for storage. This type of bed frame can be a good fit for any type of mattress. Platform beds require little or no accessories making it cost-effective and can be easily climbed by children because of its sit low design. Platform bed come in different sizes such as twin 39 by 75 inches, full 54 by 75 inches, Queen 60 by 80 inches, king 76 by 80 inches and luxurious 72 by 84 inches which seem to be the widest size. It is advised to choose a style that will allow more space in the bedroom, the common style being the legless or box framed that camps in your mattress.

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2. Bunk Bed Frame

buying a bunk bed

Bunk bed are bed types that are basically used to save space and allow for two or more people to sleep on a single bedframe. Bunk bed frames are manufactured with wood and metal with wood being the commonly used materials. The bunk bed frame should be durable enough to stack another frame on top of it and a rail that fits its height. This type of bed frames is good options for your children’s rooms.

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3. Metal Bed Frames

metal frame

Metal bed frames are manufactured with headboard, footboard and side rails and can be used in Children’s room. Similar to the bunk frame because bunk bed frames can also be manufactured with metal. Metal frames come with side railings and are often sold at cheaper rates compared to the wooden frames. Metal frames are primarily strong, durable, affordable and can be easily adjustable. It allows all types of mattress and other accessories such as headboards padding.

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4. Wooden Bed Frame

wooden frame

Wooden frames are suitable for contemporary bedrooms, though difficult to move around but come with amazing features such as easily adjustable headboards and footboards. Wooden bed frames are attractive, last longer but are more expensive than other styles. Wooden frames come in a variety of dimensions that can match any type of furniture. A wooden frame can be custom designed and sized to cater for your needs.

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5. Adjustable Bed Frame

adjustable frames

Adjustable bed frames are earlier used in houses with aged adults but are available for even young children as it can easily be adjusted to any height and it helps stretches the back. Some of the functions of adjustable bed frames are raising the foot up or down as well as raising the head up or down with the assistance of a controller. Adjustable frames are strong and durable but often make use of advanced technology to power the height mechanism. This type of beds come with a wheel for easy mobility and different health benefits apart from its primary functions of sleep.




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