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7 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Front Gate

The foremost thing noticed when visiting a house for the first time, is either the front gate or the design of the house. Front gates are important not just for creating a good first impression but also for security as they help in keeping unwanted visitors out.


There are many front gate designs with each coming with their own perks. Before choosing a front gate design for your house, here are some factors to consider.

Check 7 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Front Gate below;


1.  Location

Front gate location

Where your house is located can determine how your gate will open. If your gate will open towards the street or towards the gate of a neighbouring house, you should consider internal swinging gates or single gates. The neighbourhood also matters; in a place where there is no simple gate, you have to determine whether to stand out or follow the trend. Choose a gate that will give optimum protection if the area is prone to robbers.

2.  Style



front gate style

The type of front gate you choose should complement the design of your house; It should accentuate the beauty of your house and be inviting. The type of gate that will flatter a bungalow will be different from the type that will flatter a duplex. Choosing a gate that matches the style of your house improves the aesthetic and adds to the appeal.

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3.  Space

Front gate space

The space available can determine the type of front gate you choose, a large space can accommodate any front gate design but small spaces tend to select. Double gates might not be preferable in small spaces; sliding gates are single gates which require little space and will fit easily in small spaces.


4.  Ease

Front gate ease

The ease of opening the gate will determine whether you will go for an automatic or manual gate. The ease depends on the occupants of the house: children, the aged or if they will be someone employed to open the gate. This will help determine if you want a gate with manual access, electronic key access, swipe card access, remote control access or intercom access.  Since wooden gates are on the heavier side, it is much easier to go for the electronic ones.

5. Colour

gate colour

The colour of your front gate is the first thing passers-by will notice; hence, you can’t just go with anything.  The colour you choose should work with your house exterior, not against it. Though you can’t go wrong with a black gate, it doesn’t mean another colour won’t complement your house better. it is important that the colour of your gate enhances your house.

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6.  Needs

gate needs

Certain needs can determine the kind of gate you choose;  having pets means choosing a front gate that they can’t jump over or crawl under to prevent them from getting out of the house. If you are building a place for commercial use, a gate that can be seen through might be preferable.


7. How you will Power your gate

automatic frontgate

Manual gates don’t need to be powered. For those that need to be powered, you can use the same power source as in your house. Electric and Automatic gate openers are designed for both swinging and sliding gates, they can be programmed to open and close with a wireless transmitter or manual device. To ensure function during the loss of electricity or blackouts, low voltage automatic gate openers can be fitted with solar panels.




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