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5 Features to Have in your Patio

On those days when you feel like you need some fresh air or a change of scenery, the patio will be there whispering in your ear ‘come to me’. Patios are a nice place to relax, entertain guests, have fun and have phenomenal family gatherings, though they can be used for many other things.


They are often viewed as an extension of the indoor living area that can be covered with the roofing material of the house, arbour, awning, pergola, tarpaulin or umbrella; they could also be left uncovered, in which case everything you place outdoors should be waterproof.

These are 5 features to have in your patio


1.  Seats


The kind of seats to have in your patio is dependent on how you want to use the space; whether as a place to entertain guests, lounge, dine or all of them. If your patio is for lounging, cushions will be good but if it is for dining, dining chairs will do the job. A group of armchairs can be pulled together to form a conversation area for entertaining guests; comfortable seating is important in patios both to the homeowners and visitors to make them relax.


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2. Table


Having a place to put coffee or drink while in the patio is necessary; tables are very useful furniture in patios whether it is for a dining space, lounge or entertainment centre. The size of your outdoor area will determine how small or large the table will be; having a large table designates a dining area making the space more usable.

3. Lighting


Enjoying the patio at night without proper lighting can be very difficult; lighting enhances your outdoor area, making it more beautiful and usable at night. Lights can add a magical or welcoming feel, creating an ambience that is perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Apart from being beautiful accents, they improve safety as they make you aware of what is happening around you.


4. Decoration


Flowers can add colour and life to your space, they are planted directly into the ground or in standalone planters; planters are a relatively inexpensive and flexible option. Your outdoor space decoration should reflect your home style; throw pillows, upholstery fabric and dinnerware can convey your personality.

5. Underfoot


Outdoor rugs can liven up the flooring by adding colour to the space; hence, creating a visual centre while giving people a comfortable place to rest their feet. Rugs can be used to decorate your outdoor space and to pull your furnishings together; they are made to withstand inclement weather to prevent damage from sun and water.

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Align the decoration of your patio with the style of your home, make it welcoming and interesting.



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