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7 Suitable Crib designs for your Baby

One of the most exciting things expecting parents while preparing for their baby is picking out the things the baby will need, especially new parents. A baby crib is a place where babies peacefully sleep, dream sweet dreams and play especially when they are alone; cribs become the centrepiece of a nursery.


The major thing to consider when choosing a crib is safety; after that, you can decide based on style, colour, brand and budget. There are several cool crib designs that can fit easily in modern homes, allowing parents to creatively decorate their child’s sleeping space.

These are 7 Suitable crib designs for your baby


1. Convertible cribs

convertible cribJust like the name implies, this type of crib can be converted into one or two different kinds of beds that can be used for children for many years; they can be transformed from a crib to a toddler’s bed, day bed and possibly a full sized bed. An adult will need to assemble it whenever it needs to be converted but it is fairly easy. Convertible cribs provide a comfy, restful spot for kids for a long time but they might have a high cost; you have to decide if you will spend money on a crib that will last various stages of your child’s growth or spend money getting different beds as the child grows.

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2. Standard crib

standardThe most common type of crib used in our locality is the standard crib; their basic function is to provide a restful environment for the baby. They do not have very unique designs or have nice features like drawers that might make them useful for more than one function and are not usually foldable but they are traditional and very reliable.  If what you are looking for is just a comfortable place to put your child to sleep or play that is beautiful and solid, a standard crib will be perfect for your baby.


3. Mini Crib

mini cribThese are sometimes called portable cribs; they are smaller than the standard crib, conserve space and offer parents a versatile bedding option for their baby. They are useful in small apartments, multi-story houses, vacation home and grandma’s house; taking them along when going for vacation allows your child to sleep better in a familiar environment. Some have height adjustable mattress levels, as well as frames that can transition into twin beds that can grow with your child. There are different from travel cribs in that they are made from hard materials like wood

4. Moses basket

moses basketThese are very portable and compact cribs that are less expensive than a standard crib, which will provide your baby with a safe, lightweight and cosy sleeping environment. They are very suitable for newborn babies; most baskets are made from palm, although they can also be made from maize or wicker. They can be moved out of the way or to a different location since they have carrying handles, they can be placed on the floor or on a stand, depending on the height that is comfortable for you.

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5. Multifunctional crib

multifunctionalCribs can be designed in a way that they can be used for other things besides being a cool place for your baby to sleep. These type of crib often combines modern styling, functionality and playtime, making the nursery a much more fun place. Some come with drawers, play tunnels, desk, play table and rocking capabilities; they often need to be assembled by adults. Multifunctional cribs can be very useful in small spaces, especially those that come with drawers; older kids can always play with the baby when if it has a tunnel.

6. Canopy crib

canopyCanopy cribs are cribs that come with canopies, which are roof-like crowns or structures that hold draperies such as lace, mosquito nets and much more. They are decorative cribs that will fit both masculine and feminine cribs depending on the design; flowers and frills can give the draperies an edge. Canopies allow you to creatively design your children’s crib, giving them a visual image that is interesting. Some have featured posts at each of the four corners extending above the mattress.


7. Travel cribs

travel cribThe advantage of this type of crib is they allow for easy, quick and comfortable travelling with your little one. Travel cribs are quite different from portable cribs; they are designed in a way that makes them foldable, compact, light weighted and they can be carried on planes as hand luggage depending on the type. There are different types of travels cribs which have their pros and cons, most are easy to setup, though some might be tricky at first. It is important to consider the age range of a travel crib before buying it.tolet-need-to-find-na-small-tin

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