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5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Upholstery Fabric

The living room is the major part of the house your guests see when they walk into your home and keeping it clean and stylish should be part of your decor goals. What if after spending a lot of money on the decor of your living room including that beloved sofa set you felt would look good, unfortunately, ends up not being worth it after just a few months? It would be sad and heartbreaking especially for people like me who feel every expense like this happens to be a big investment.

Upholstery furniture

In the world of decor today, a lot of people have complained about their sofa not worth the price they paid or even the fabric not being able to go through everyday wear. I have heard of certain scenarios of families not allowing their kids into the living room just because they don’t want them to ruin the cushion. Picking out a new sofa is a big deal and you won’t want to ruin it by picking the wrong colour or Fabric. With so many types of furniture fabric, it can be a bit confusing knowing which will suit you best. To help you not make a mess of your investment,

Here are 5 things to consider before choosing your upholstery fabric.

1. Durability


The colour of the fabric is definitely going to be the first thing that will draw you to it but despite the fact that colour is important it should not be the first thing you should consider. Durability is very important especially if you have kids and expect a lot of wear from your sofa. Engineered fabrics are stronger than natural ones. So while cotton seems like the obvious option for our tropical climate, it should only be restricted to pillows and cushions. There is an African saying that “Whoever asks for direction never loses his way”, so before settling down for any fabric ask questions at your local upholstery fabric store, whether the fabric is for light, medium or heavy use.


2. Colour

Colour has a way of affecting our mood and the way we see a room. Upholstery fabric colour can make a strong impact in many ways. So before you settle for any textile, ask yourself the simple question of what kind of mood you want to create – whether you are attracted to dramatic colours or if you would rather stick to subtle hues. Going for in-season colours might be tricky as trends change often and keeping up with the times is not a pocket-friendly decision. So pick a colour that you think you can live with for years on end. If you have kids, pick a colour that you know you can work with your kids.

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3. Style

Style is something that I take seriously because it shows personality. You should choose a fabric that complements both the piece of furniture and the interior decor of your house. Your fabric choice should harmonise with the style and character of the piece covering it. Some fabrics appear casual, while others look more formal.Choose a fabric that echoes your own style and the mood of the decor in that room.


4. Pattern

A lot of people avoid fabrics with patterns because they can be hard to handle. You don’t have to run from patterns you just have to understand them and embrace them for your decor. avoid large patterns on a small piece and vice versa, as this does not do justice to the pattern. You should choose furniture that will compliment the geometry of your furniture. The size of the room also matters when you are choosing a pattern. old patterns fit well in large rooms while miniature patterns thrive in small spaces. If you plan to mix patterns, start with using the most complex pattern as accents and slowly work the others in a balanced manner.


5. Maintenance

It is important you know how much wear your sofa can take and if the fabric will be easy to clean and take care of. If your furniture is going to be placed somewhere in direct sunlight, then avoid natural fabrics like cotton, linen as they fade over time. You should also understand what type of care will be needed to clean it and keep it looking stylish for a long period of time.

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With this guide, I hope choosing your upholstery furniture will be easy and worth it.



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