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5 types of TV Mount for modern homes

With the advent of Flat screen Television Set, most interior designers have chosen wall mount over the traditional method of placing TV on the table. According to research, TV that is not properly placed or mounted could result in visual or physical impairment for its users, especially for children.


There are different methods by which we place or mount TV in the house, this post introduces you to the five most popular TV wall mount you should choose for your house. While mounting your TV, you should consider your viewing habits, the amount of lighting in the room, chair positions and several others factors.

Check 5 types of TV Mount for modern homes below;


1. Flat or Fixed TV Wall Mounts

falt wall mount

Flat TV wall mounts can also be referred to as “fixed TV mounts” or “flush TV mounts” and they are the perfect choice for achieving a low profile, stylish, ultra-sleek design. People are attracted towards this type of TV mount because of their relatively easy installation process and the ability to hang a television flush against the wall. These simple TV mounts fix your television against a wall just like you would hang a picture or mirror on the wall. Flat TV wall mounts are great options for small rooms with little space and most Flat wall mounts do not tilt or shake. Most modern fixed TV mounts offer about one to two inches of space between the wall and the TV so you have to keep in mind that you may have to remove the TV mount from the wall in order to access wires connected to the back of your TV.

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2. Tilting Wall Mounts

tilting mounts

Tilt mounts are often slightly more expensive than fixed TV mounts but the added functionality is definitely worth the price difference. This is a good choice in rooms that receive direct sunlight during the day because the television can be tilted to avoid glare and improve your viewing experience. Tilt-capable TV mounts are similar to fixed mounts but offer the ability to tilt your TV once it has been mounted on the wall. Many modern tilt TV mounts now come in a low profile, slim design, thus allowing you to achieve an ultra-slim look but with the added benefit of tilting your TV to achieve an optimum viewing angle. Since tilt TV mounts allow the TV to be tilted downwards, they are perfect for mounting TVs at positions that are situated higher than eye-level, such as above the fireplace. 

3 . Full motion TV Mounts

full motion tv mount

Full-motion TV mounts offer the most flexibility when it comes to viewing angles and screen movement. Many retractable, full-motion TV mounts allow for TVs to be positioned anywhere from two to forty inches from the wall. People who prefer this type of TV mount enjoy being able to see the screen clearly from a wide variety of vantage points. Moreover, choosing a full-motion TV mount means that you are less limited in where you choose to mount your TV.  Full-motion TV mounts offer an even greater level of flexibility because they allow you to tilt, swivel and retract your television for maximum adjustability. Full-motion TV mounts are ideal for rooms that are used for many purposes or when the need arises to watch TV from various points in the room and are a bit more expensive than flat or tilt mounts because they are the most versatile in terms of functionality.

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4. Ceiling Mounts

ceiling mounts

A ceiling TV mount offers a very flexible option in places where space is limited. Ceiling TV mounts are an ideal choice for installations where mounting a TV to the wall or using a TV stand isn’t an option. Ceiling mounts allow you to enjoy your home entertainment centre even when traditional mounting solutions aren’t an option. Many times ceiling TV mounts are used in a commercial setting but there are many home uses for ceiling mounts as well. Since these types of mounts are attached to the ceiling, this allows them to be rotated or tilted to achieve many viewing angles in any setting. Many ceiling mounts in the market today offer many advantages over other solutions so even if you’re not in a small space, you may want to consider this type of mount. However, if space is a limitation for you, then a ceiling mount is a great way to maximize space without having to make any sacrifices.

5. Under cabinet TV Mounts

under cabinet tv

Under-cabinet mounts are a new concept in the TV mounting world. Under-cabinet mounts allow you to mount a small TV for use in an area where space is limited. Under-cabinet mounts are great for mounting 10” to 24” LED or LCD TVs in any room with a cabinet such as a kitchen or an RV or boat. Capable of handling the weight of a small TV, an under-cabinet TV mount will keep a flat panel TV neatly tucked away under the kitchen cabinet.  This type of TV mount can also be tilted to a different angle to achieve maximum view.

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