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5 Tips To Ensure Bathroom Safety

As important as the bathroom is, it could become the most dangerous or accident-prone part of the house if care is not taken. According to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year about 235,000 people over age 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom, and almost 14 percent are hospitalized. – nytimes


More than a third of the injuries happen while bathing or showering. More than 14 percent occur while using the toilet. Injuries increase with age, peaking after 85, the researchers found. But injuries around the tub or shower are proportionately most common among those ages 15 to 24 and least common among those over 85. People over 85 suffer more than half of their injuries near the toilet.

For a very long time, we have been dealing with interior designs including bathrooms and toilets, aside from the beautiful appearance of the bathrooms you’ve seen, the safety of the bathroom is of utmost importance to safe from any accidents and harms.

Check 5 Tips to Ensure Bathroom Safety below;


1. Use Slip Resistant Mats

bathroom mats

Most reported primary cause of accidents in the bathroom are as a result of slips and falls. Slip resistant mats are suitable to ensure safety from falling, available in varieties of materials such as baked plastics, thick rubber and manufactured with a rubber backing. These mats are specifically manufactured for the bathroom with to reduce slips and falls.

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2. Install Grab Bars


Grab bars are household fittings that increase accessibility and safety for people, particularly elders or individuals with mobility difficulties. Grab bars are used to ensure individual maintain a balanced posture when in standing positions as it gives them the opportunity to avoid slippery fall in the bathroom. Though, grab bars are very common in public places, hospitals but remains one of the easiest and cost-effective fittings to avoid bathroom accidents in the house. Grab bars are mostly manufactured with metal or strong plastic with rubberized outer to ease handling and prevent rusting.

3. Keep Electrical Appliances Away From Wet Areas

hair dryer

It is generally agreed upon that wet areas with electricity are prone to electrocution which can be very hazardous to anyone. Keep bathroom items such as curling iron, razor, hair dryer and some other appliances away from the wet area because water is a conductor. You can consider placing these items in a separate bathroom cabinet and also use some waterproof packaging to protect these items. More importantly, avoid water accumulation on the floor. Be sure to mop it every after use. This may cause slips and falls or worse, even electrocution.

4. Provision of Enough Lighting

bathroom lighting

A well-lighted bathroom increases the visibility of items in the bathroom, from the walk way to the lavatory, there should be bright enough lighting to assist with walking through. Most individuals normally wake up in the midnight to make use of the bathroom, especially when they want to urinate. An efficient lighting in the bathroom will protect against injury or hazard that normally happens in the dark.

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5. Keep Chemicals and Consumables


Keeping chemicals anywhere in the bathroom may prove hazardous if not properly placed, other cleaning materials in the bathroom should be kept away from children reach as well. Allocate separate cabinets to keep consumables in the bathroom as this will also make your bathroom looks organised.

Better to be safe than sorry, you never can tell the amount of damages bathroom slips or falls can result into. Ensure all other components of the bathroom are properly installed such as the towel racks, toilet paper holder, mirror, cabinet, grab bars. They should not shake when someone holds or touch it. Designing the aesthetics of our bathroom is an integral part but safety is more important. Therefore we should avoid any type of aesthetics that is hazard-prone or generally harmful.



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